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Before you start to size - you need the dancer, pen, paper, the how to size instructions, the correct size chart and a tape measure!  Everybody knows that right? 

Well umm... no! Here are the top 10 Sizing Mistakes from the "Now I've heard It all" list! 😂


The Top 10

  1. Last year’s size + plus 1 size = disaster! 

  2. Are you looking at the correct size chart – or was it just one that you downloaded from the internet at some point?  Psss.

  3. Umm…A Ruler is not going to give an even close to accurate result!

  4. “Looks like an Adult Small.Just to be safe I'll go up a size!"

  5. The waist is not where her pants finish!! These days that could be the bust or hips measurement. Her bottom is also not the hips!

  6. If she’s tall and skinny – don’t use her girth measurement. Especially if you are buying a 2 piece set. Remember Curtain Call use mostly  four way stretch fabric!

  7. If you add a couple cm’s (or inches) when you measure, then look at the size chart, see she's on the edge of the size and go up! Oh O!

  8. I think I wrote down a ‘6’ but it could be an ‘8’… Let’s just say chalk and cheese!

  9. At Target she’s a size 8, so I would say she’d be a… Nope, won’t work either.

  10.  Measuring your self... It's a no-no as never works!


Getting it Right

Sizing is easy - grab a tape measure, a pen, a piece of paper and the student! Ensure the student is wearing just a leotard or other thin clothing.

How to size your Curtain Call Costumes.

Measure bust, waist and hips as per the guide to sizing picture.  Measure the girth, you know – that’s the measurement from a shoulder, down through their legs and back up to the starting point! If you got side tracked whilst doing this (ha ha ) start again!

There are three options for sizing depending on how organised you are!

  • Measure as per the guidelines above
  • Order a Sizing Set
  • Order the style in a couple key sizes and let the dancers try them on.

Now check out the size chart! If you have any problems call for advice…


Ann Wine  
Curtain Call Costumes Australia


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