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Selecting Concert Costumes 2019

To help in selecting costumes this year - we have added some icons! At a glance you'll be able to see if the costume will be available for your concert! There are 4 icons and in early August the new 2020 catalogue range will be online - offering close to 250 extra styles!

We're excited!


Curtain Call 2020 Continuers

Costumes continuing into the Curtain Call Costumes 2020 Catalogue set

These styles are continuing into the 2020 Curtain Call Catalogue so will be generally be available into next year! If you are not sure where to look for quantities on hand, stock status etc this may help!


Curtain Call 2019

Curtain Call 2019 Catalogue styles - order till October 30th 2019

These styles can be ordered until the 30th October, 2019 subject to fabric availability. They are either in stock or where required the ship date will be the current manufacture date.The manufacture date is always on the top right of the screen on the Curtain Call Australia website.



Stock Available

These Styles have limited availability due to fabric shortage. There may be 100's in stock but only limited extras can be manufactured!

These have been separated from the above category as although there is lots of stock – some sizes may be limited or there is a fabric shortage. Please call to discuss your requirements if low levels of stock are shown.



Limited Availability

Very limited availability - please order asap!

Styles with this icon have limited stock! We recommend you order asap – please call so we can hold stock for you!


We are always available on phone or email to assist you!  Please do not hesitate to discuss your concert / photo dates and your costume requirements! If you are not sure where to see the stock available - why not read our blog guide to viewing Stock Availability!


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