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Every year when our Design team begins their creative process, they must evaluate the current fashion trends, new stylish colors, pop culture phenomena’s, and collaborate their ideas, images, and perspectives to curate costumes for the upcoming seasons. This year, even more than years past, our Design team began their design process with every dancer in mind.


During the development of the Curtain Call collection, our team collaborated with Y.P.A.D.’s Advisory Panel to develop, organize and implement market analysis to help studios choose costumes that specifically support children with sensory sensitivities. This research helped to determine which types of costumes, fabrics, and design elements accommodate specific needs.

In 2017 the Curtain Call team, including the designers, also had the privilege of becoming Y.P.A.D.™ Certified. Curtain Call is currently the first and only certified dance costume company in the industry! The certification covers topics such as; Body Image, Costuming, Sexualization, Objectification in Dance, and more. This knowledge and education is extremely important to our design team. “I feel honored to be part of a much broader community of individuals devoted to eliminating exploitation in the dance industry. Y.P.A.D. has helped me realize the potential I have as a designer to influence appropriate costume choices and feel proud that through my designs, I can make a difference in the lives of young dancers,” Curtain Call Designer Jessica Saunders said after becoming certified.

With the insight gained from the market research, as well as the certification, we are able to effectively design sensory-friendly costumes, flattering designs for every body, and appropriate looks for all ages. Curtain Call Designer Candice Specht mentioned, “We do not necessarily need to change our designs, we can still be cool and trendy! It is all about being age appropriate.” Senior Designer, Amy Hess, added, “We live in a hypersexualized culture, and it is important as we move forward with our 2019 Collections, that our costumes lift a dancer’s self-esteem by helping them embrace the beauty they have within.”

Curtain Call has always believed in creating one-of-a-kind costumes that would allow every dancer to rock their routine on stage. With the insight and knowledge our team has gained through our Y.P.A.D.™ Certification, we will continue to enforce these values in a positive and healthy way in every aspect of what we do!
So what is to come for 2019 Curtain Call Costumes? Our Designer Candice reassured us, “Expect comfort! It is very important to give children something they feel wonderful and confident in.”

Keep an eye out for our helpful icons throughout the price list and online to help studios choose costumes that specifically support children with sensory sensitivities. These icons indicate: Sensory Friendly, Compression, Fidget Friendly, Glitter Free, and Adjustable Straps. These icons were created with everybody in mind, allowing you to select the right garments for all your dancers!


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