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We've tried to make all the stock availability information available on the style page in a summarised way to help you understand the most important When questions!


Where are the costumes?

Curtain Call Costume 2019 dance costumes on hangers.All costumes are held in the US with few exceptions. We do this to keep prices down and so that we can offer the complete range. Let me explain! If we import a quantity in every style, in every size and colour - the cost of importing and holding the costumes would need to be pro-rata-ed over the the quantity we sold. Our solution is to only bring into Australia exactly what is required quickly. We ship weekly on a Thursday night and it arrives in our warehouse on the following Wednesday by UPS.

Once it reaches out warehouse we prioritise the unpacking and outgoing shipping with "URGENTS" first. We understand that last minute costumes are stressful. If an item style says it's in stock - it means it is in the US warehouse and will ship the next Thursday. (Please note, in January we do not ship every week!)


Can I see if costumes are in stock?

When you view the details of a costume - firstly chose a colour by clicking on a colour square. (This needs to be done even if there is only one colour!) A grid will be displayed showing each size, then in brackets the quantity available in stock.

Screen showing the details of a costume style - including the stock available!

If you are logged in you will see the pricing information as well. In the style shown above there is more than 50 in size CXS, over 50 in CSM and CME , 5 available in CLA and 1 in size CXL.


Sizes and Quantities are in Red

If the size and quantity are shown in red - then no additional stock can be made - sales are restricted to stock available! When quantity is limited it is best to order asap or call/email us to assist. If quantities are close (above or below!) contact us as we can sometimes source a few additional!


What will the ship date be if it's not in stock?

Always let us know your required date - eg. your photo dates or competition dates. We will always do out best, within reason to help your receive your costumes in time. In the top right hand corner of the page is a manufacture date - this is the date your costumes leave the US - so depending where you are add a week to ten days. (Regional areas road courier could be up to two and half weeks - please check!)

We also try and list - where possible any costumes that have longer dates due to fabric orders etc. So please read all the information or call / email us. We are always happy to go through dates. 


Additional Information

If we have more information - we will always add this to the costumes page in either the Description or Inventory Status. You being fully informed, with the information at your fingertips is really important to us! Remember you are always welcome to list styles (and approximate sizes you are looking at) and we will send back the exact ship dates!


Delivery Dates

We are very proud to work with Curtain Call - there word is their commitment! The percentage of costumes that ship late would be 1 in 5000! It is very, very rare and would relate to snow days (which we try and avoid by shipping early).  


Last words...

It's a great day at Curtain Call. Ring us!Whether it is one costume or 1,000 costumes in over fifty styles we are always available to assist!

Call us on 8am - 8pm Sydney time on(02) 9663-4166
Email us at info@clash.com.au







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