Below are some common questions dance teachers & dance school owners prior to ordering. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us!
Yes we are! We have offices in Alexandria and a warehouse in Waterloo (Sydney). Our phone are monitored 7 days a week - Australian & NZ hours, from our Sydney office!

1. We only issue logins to Dance Schools, Schools or Dance Stores

2. We offer price brackets for larger buyers. For example if you order 25+ style (Colour or Size independent) you will receive a lower buy price
If you spend more than $10,000 AUD in a year your buy price drops and will remain that way for the following year! This can be spent over multiple orders!

3. If you would like a full price list - you can download it by emailing us!

Simple - we like to be honest and transparent! We only deal with Dance Schools and account customers - so why give a Recommended Retail Price and then offer everyone 20% off? We show you the wholesale buy price and then offer a 2% discount for orders over $5,500 and then a 5% discount for orders over $10,000
Australian Duties and the GST have already been included in the price! If you are a business and not on-selling - you are probably able to claim back the GST on your next BAS!

We absolutely love to!! They are free!

Fill out the form at

Alternatively send all information (Dance School Name, Your name, Phone number, Delivery Street Address etc and that you require a catalogue) to

All overseas freight is included in your costume price. The shipping is just from Sydney to you!

Express - It is $16 for a 3kg bag - 1-2 Costumes depending on size & Style, $19 for up to 5 costume (depending on size & style).

We send boxes by road freight from Sydney at cost using Star Tack. Call for a quote!
All prices are in Australian Dollars including GST - there are no additional duties as your costumes ship from Sydney! So just add freight!
Absolutely you can order a solo or duo or a large troupe, or all your dance schools dance concert costumes! We here to help in any way we can and love to chat!!
No! You are more than welcome to send emails with quantities for costumes styles, colour and size - class by class, or group by group! Each order will then be separate and we amalgamate and send from Sydney!

How does this work? We place the order with the US - to ensure you do not miss the ship date or the stock on hand and then we can hold it in the US or Australia! This reduces your shipping costs significantly! Our Reps are happy to help you with coordinating!

It means problem classes will not hold up your order!
Usually this can be added to another shipment or shipped separately - the freight is just from Sydney!!
Ring us: (02) 9663-4166 or email us at it is one costume or hundreds - there is always loads of stock in the US and we are happy to assist you to receive as fast as you require!

We have provided over 1,000 costumes to a dance school within 4 days due to their dance costume provider letting them down!!

1. We can offer you sizing sets

2. See our website page for sizing assistance

3. If there is sufficient time (please call to discuss!) we can order several key sizes and you can use them to size!

Yes. It is Aussie Dollars and includes GST! You just need to add the freight from Sydney to you!
Yes - during Concert season we provide support on weekends In urgent cases, please mark “Urgent” on your email and we will get back to you ASAP.
If the Costume can no longer be manufactured - the quantity is in red denoting that you can not order more than is available! Always call or email for more information as sometimes we can beg and get an additional!!