Determining Your Size

sizing diagram

Getting the best fit is important! To get the most accurate measurements, use a measuring tape and have someone help you using the following instructions.

  1. Take all measurements while the dancer is wearing a leotard; it will be more accurate than measuring over street clothes.
  2. Measure the chest, waist, hips and girth as shown in our sizing diagram.
  3. Note the measurements, and find the closest match to our size charts.

We design each garment to be true to the size chart, so there is no need to allow for extra room or “size up.”  Many of our garments are made with speciality stretch fabrics to help give each dancer a perfect fit.  Every dancer is different, however, so there may be times a perfect match to the size chart is not possible and some alterations may be necessary.

A Few Extra Tips

  1. Some manufacturers say go by the girth - this may not give the correct size. For example: If buying a two piece outfit - long and thin dancers will have skirt or pants that won't stay up! Also many of our fabrics are 4-way stretch!
  2. Remember if you want a long skirt, the difference between the length of a CME & CLA (and other sizing steps) can be considerable.
  3. If all measurements are great except the Girth is for example 3cm out - remember that this is actually 1.5cm. The girth measurement is doubled as you run the tape measure around the body making a loop.
  4. Velvet stretches more than - sequined fabric. So remember just because the velvet tutu from last year still fit the dancer, it does not mean the sequinned, jazz costume will!
  5. Believe it or not - most people, especially millennial's, have no idea where their waist is! Very often for the waist they give the hip and for the hip they use the bottom measurement. Be careful!
  6. Word of advice to Dance Teachers... if they are asking for a ALA (Adult large) and you think there is no way the dancer could be, you are probably right!!!
  7. If the dancer measured themselves it will not be very accurate!!
  8. Read our Blog on the Greatest Sizing Mistakes!