298 - H009 Feel The Power

Red plaid poly/spandex cropped halter top with separate french terry pants and attached suspenders. Imported. INCLUDES: bandana (not shown)
OPTIONS SOLD SEPARATELY: Flat Bill Hat W1544 Cuffed Knit Beanie W1615

W2990 • a. GUY’S HOODIE Black poly/cotton. Imported. 
B2720L • b. GUY’S TANK Red nylon/spandex. 
J4994 • c. RUGGED PANTS Guy’s khaki cotton/spandex drawstring jogger with two zipper front pockets and elastic cuffed hem. Imported.
  • RD

Sizes listed in RED are limited to quantity shown.

For all other sizes orders may be placed. Available 20th September, 2019. Please call or email if you require earlier.


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